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CAPE Office Use for Affiliates

The CAPE office space (SSM 130) is available 9AM-4PM, Monday-Thursday for CAPE affiliates in both a formal and informal capacity. Here you can find instructions on how to formally reserve the space as well as several suggestions about how the space might be utilized and some norms to help set expectations about how the space functions.

CAPE Office Reservations

To book a meeting in the CAPE Office space, please email your reservation request to and include:

  • Meeting Name
  • Date, Time and Duration of Meeting
  • Host Name
  • Number of Attendees

Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation response from the CAPE team.

To assist in seeing CAPE Office availability, please see the calendar above. Any reservations made will be listed only as 'Reserved', with no details posted publicly. 

Possible uses

  • Grab Coffee! We've got a combo K-cup/coffee pot coffee maker set up for affiliate use.
  • Landing Spot Between classes, in route from the parking lot, or just want a change of scenery, grab a seat at the conference table and, pull out a laptop and work a little or have a bite to eat.
  • Meet Up If an affiliate and a colleague or student need to meet for a casual conversation, consider meeting up in the CAPE space.
  • Host a Meeting An affiliate can reserve the space for small meetings (no more than 8 attendees) for up to 90 minutes (longer upon special request).

    Space norms

    • Frequency and Duration We wish for the space to be vibrant, so please use the space often. Though the space isn't suitable for each affiliate to use for long stretches of time (e.g. several hours), please stop by frequently.
    • Noise and Privacy In general, the space should not be considered either “quiet” or private. Staff will always be in the space working, and other affiliates may be in and out.
    • Staff Though the interior office is the primary staff workspace, student workers or remote staff will often use the office to work, so please be mindful of this. 
    • Non-affiliate Guests Affiliates should feel free to invite non-affiliates to join them in the CAPE space, for casual or formal meetings, or just to grab a cup of coffee. It is helpful for us if our affiliates help expose the center to the campus community by bringing others through the space.