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Partner Organizations

CAPE is proud to partner with these organizations:


The Maddy Institute 

Mission Statement
To help prepare current and future Valley leaders, inspire citizen participation, elevate government performance, provide non-partisan analysis, and assist in providing solutions for public policy issues important to the region, state, and nation.


Bobcat Model United Nations

Mission Statement
Bobcat MUN is an organization dedicated to furthering students' understanding of international affairs and skills in public speaking through the modeling of UN sessions and participation in intercollegiate MUN conferences.


Merced Mock Trial

 Mission Statement
 A. To further students’ understanding of the principles of trials and the legal process
 B. To gain a deeper understanding of the context in which people prepare for trials,
  how they work, and a
deeper understanding of the decorum and methods that are a key part of them
 C. To advance students’ skills in research, writing, analysis, conflict resolution,
  public speaking, and teamwork
 D. To provide the necessary resources, means, and training to compete in Mock Trial conferences


UC Center Sacramento (UCCS)

Mission Statement
UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) educates California’s future leaders in the craft of politics and policymaking while making the expertise of faculty of the nation’s leading university available to decision-makers in the legislative and executive branches of government. 

UC Merced Washington Program (UCDC)

Mission Statement
The Washington Program’s mission is to provide the highest quality experiential learning program for UC Merced undergraduates by offering professional development and internship opportunities that help inform students' transition from study to professional practice.