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CAPE Legislative Internship

CAPE Legislative Internship

The CAPE Legislative Internship takes place after the Legislative Bootcamp and is designed to further the legislative fellows' professional career through a summer-long internship in a legislative, lobbyist, or other professional setting connected to the political arena.

Previous Internship Placement Offices

Jasmeet Bains

35th District


Melissa Hurtado

16th District


Esmeralda Soria

27th District

Carlos Villapudua

13th District

Akilah Weber

79th District



2023 Legislative Fellows Cohort

From left to right:
Katelin Cortez, 3rd year, double major in political science and sociology
Ananya Veerapaneni, 3rd year, political science major with pre-med track
Haley James, 2023 alumna, political science major
Paul Patterson, 2023 alumnus, political science major
Jasmine Okincha, 3rd year, political science major
Jasmine Her, 2023 alumna, political science major
Jacqueline Ocegueda, 2023 alumna, political science major
Alexandra Rizo, 4th year, political science major
Lawson Lasch, 3rd year, quantitative economics major