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CAPE Legislative Bootcamp

CAPE Legislative Bootcamp

The CAPE Legislative Bootcamp is a week-long capacity-building program in Sacramento following the end of the Spring semester. The bootcamp aims to:

Provide intensive training by top legislative professionals on topics including drafting legislation, political communications, political bargaining, polling, campaign tactics, policy research, political networking, office conduct, and basic administration.​

Give an immersive experience to UC Merced students by staying in Sacramento, in and around the Capitol, sharing meals with invited guests, and doing exercises meant to promote skill development and professional growth.​


What Do We Do At The Bootcamp?

The inaugural Legislative Bootcamp took place in May 2023. A sample of activities include:

Office Visits:

Political Solutions Lobbying Firm
Senate Democratic Caucus
California Medical Association


Research Tools and Techniques
District Office Roles and Responsibilities 
Politics and Policy
Lobbying and the Legislative Process

Special Events:

Reception Dinners with Special Guests
Sacramento River Cats Baseball Game