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About CAPE

Mission Statement

The Center for Analytic Political Engagement (CAPE) is a focal point for scholars, students, and community leaders in California’s San Joaquin Valley, founded by the Political Science faculty at the University of California, Merced. It aims to enhance a healthy democratic society by advancing responsible civic participation and elevating the voices of the under-represented.  

CAPE seeks to: 

Provide students the scholarly and pragmatic skills to participate in politics and policy creation and to navigate the realities of electoral politics and partisanship; 

Support research that incorporates sound social science and data analysis of citizen action and the processes by which governments make, enact, and adjudicate policy; 

Engage the community – especially the San Joaquin Valley region – to amplify its voice and enrich its public-minded pursuits. 


Non-partisan Disclosure

The Center for Analytic Political Engagement (CAPE) encourages open dialogue for political discourse. Any sharing of information or opportunities is not an endorsement of the positions reflected by the related candidates or organizations.